AFRICA REPORT (Start-up phase management)

Africa Report is a TV production company that produces business programs on Africa for CNBC Europe. Magali Bongrand of Tirzah Consulting acted as the Managing Director to the company in its start-up phase and negotiated a 1.6 million Euro Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) merger for Africa Report with Biko Investments, sons of apartheid opposing Steve Biko.

o Responsible for developing and reviewing business plans to ensure the company’s high growth
o Managed day-to-day operations (up to 70 staff)
o Accountable for company’s financial results
o Financial control, set-up and approval of budgets
o Supervised hiring of staff
o Trained managers
o Ensured coordination and cooperation between departments and companies
o Responsible for legal and accounting aspects of business
o Approved new markets and new products
o Negotiated contracts with new suppliers
o Responsible for local and international relations and PR