Managing Director
Magali Bongrand, MBA
Started her consulting career as International Consultant specialized in the compilation of investment and economic reports on developing countries. She started and was the Managing Director of Africa Report and World Report Media. She has extensive international work experience in over 40 countries. Through the experience of working and living in Africa, Magali developed a critical knowledge and understanding of the opportunities of the continent. She obtained her MBA from the University of Amsterdam.

o Self-motivated, organized and efficient
o Experienced in coordination of small to medium international projects
o Creative problem solving: Ability to facilitate win-win solutions
o Legal and financial knowledge: Know how to work well with lawyers, accountants and auditors
o Human resource management: promote commitment to team work toward common goals, initiative, accountability, skills development, and satisfaction.
o Ability to learn new topics in order to become knowledgeable on new projects undertaken
o Established and maintained influential international network
o Effective negotiation skills


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