Interim Management - Business Development - Coaching

Interim Management
• Start-up phase
• Turnaround management
• Project management

APPROACH: Starting or “re-starting” a company or project requires different skills than those needed to run the day-to-day operations of businesses. Skills such as the ability to implement and manage change in fast growth environments or to plan and multitask with limited capacity start-ups are some of the skills Tirzah Consulting can provide your organization. Tirzah Consulting works as an advisor to the start-up directors or as an interim manager during the start-up phase.

CASES: World TV Report, Africa Report, SOVEC

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Business Development
• Business plan & models
• Strategy consulting
• Fund raising
• Deal facilitation
• Marketing and distribution consulting

APPROACH: Whether it is to help you discover new business opportunities and models within your industry or to market your existing models and ideas. Tirzah Consulting provides business development solutions to suit your needs. We conduct empirical research, fact-based brainstorming sessions leading to business plans that successfully find investors. Strategy Consulting services provides managers with recommendation for their strategy development and coaches management teams through Scenario Planning. In today’s dynamic business environment, Scenario Planning is an effective tool for companies to adopt strategies which anticipate and accommodate for several states of the world. Tirzah Consulting’s wide international network can provide your company with match-making opportunities for your products’ distribution and fund raising needs.

CASES: Africa Report, Africa Interactive

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• Sales people training
• Development of sales tools
• Organization of sales teams

APPROACH: Tirzah Consulting believes that the main asset for successful sales people is to develop better ownership of their product. The level of motivation and self-confidence of a sales force directly affects soft skill performances and is directly related to this feeling of ownership. The sales trainings provided goes beyond the teaching of soft skills to address product commitment, understanding, client, competition. Soft skills are further elements of the training provided. Tirzah Consulting assist its clients in the development of sales tools such as sales manuals, objections handling guide and other presentation.


CASES: Africa Interactive

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